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Steam Carpet Cleaning Pasadena Pasadena
2000 S Richey St,
Pasadena, TX 77502
Tel: (832) 736-3244
Monday-Friday: 8 am to 7:30 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm

Jeffery Tile Grout Cleaners Bring Your Floors Back to Life.

We specialize in Tile and Grout Cleaning and have discovered and extensively used many effective techniques that can brighten your tiles and give a new life to your home. Our cleaning crews are some of the best trained and prepared in the city. We also make it possible for them to deliver superior results because we invest in the best equipment that makes their work easier and fun to do.

While most people do a quick mop to clean their tiled floor, it takes more than this to keep them shining. In fact, some mops just make the tiles worse because the grout absorbs soap, detergents and grease in the dirty mops. When these things are combined with dirt and dust, the grout takes on a dark or brownish color, which is an indication of its uncleanliness. Steam Carpet Cleaning Pasadena Pasadena can help you regain the clean state of your tiles at any time.

If you need clean ceramic floors why not call a service that has excelled in providing its customers with the best service available? Cleaning hard floors is not easy for most people mainly because it is hard labor, but to use what you might consider hard is a snap because we have the right equipment and the proper cleaning products. We clean porcelain tiles all the time and know how to enhance its shine and its beauty.

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